Astra Ghost x Canen Molly

1 April 2007


Puppies are here!

Molly whelped 6 puppies. Despite both parents carrying the brown gene and statistically expecting half solid coloured pups, they are all blue merles!

5 Dogs and 1 bitch. These pups are all spoken for.

Let us OUT!!!!! Bathtime, not their favourite new experience.

Emmy is staying at CorrieDhu.

Dark. "No I am not eating wool, honestly!!".





Emmy worshipping Ghost, Blaze kissing his feet and a cat bowing down to him. No wonder Ghost has such a big head!!

Badger cuddling Gem the cat.

Puppies go for a long trip in the van to visit my parents for the weekend. No one was sick and the trip was nearly 3 hours each way.





In her spare time Molly helps with lambing!

For more information go to Ghost and Molly's own pages.

These puppies will be line bred on Sadghyl Pip and should be powerful and pushy working dogs with excellent temperaments. Both Ghost and Molly have tremendous stamina and are powerful working dogs.

Molly does not carry the tri gene so the puppies will not have tan markings. Ghost often produces mottled puppies so we could have mottled pups too. All puppies will carry the dilute gene from their father. They will be rough coated.

All puppies will be registered with the ISDS and are eligible for UK KC registration if required. Puppies are wormed fortnightly with Drontal Puppy Syrup. They are fed on Beta Puppy. The puppies are reared in the house and are handled daily by children and adults.

Email me for more information

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